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You're pulled in too many directions.


Always just a little bit behind.  


You manage to get things done, but with a mad-dash, last-minute scramble behind the scenes.


You feel guilty when you’re working (because you aren’t with your family).


And when you’re with your family (because work is still on your mind).


Somehow, you’re never enough and there’s never enough time.



I want you to know that it doesn’t have to be this way.


You’ve heard that phrase, “work smarter, not harder” and thought, “yeah, right, how am I supposed to do that”?


I’m here to show you how.

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Imagine how it would feel to:

  • Leave work at work, and be present at home

  • Have time for yourself, every day

  • Show up to every meeting, event and activity prepared and on time

  • Be well-rested, focused and relaxed

  • Use your time intentionally, in service of your own goals and values

Introducing the

"Take Control of Your Time"

group coaching program!

By enrolling in the "Take Control of Your Time" program, you’ll learn techniques, strategies, tips and hacks to get everything done…without the stress. You’ll put systems in place so you can feel, and truly be, on top of it all.

You’ll do more and stress less.

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By enrolling you'll:

Get More Done

Learn simple strategies to make sure you get it all done.

Reduce Stress

Learn how to offload the mental load.  Really and truly.  

Make Time For You

Yes, finally.  And let go of the guilt.

Alexis' program has truly changed my life. The skills she taught were so helpful and I am using them daily at work and at home. I used to hate planning, but now find it very satisfying and stress reducing!

— Sarita S., OB/GYN

I could not be more thrilled about the outcome of my course with Alexis. I'd never considered myself much of a planner, and was realizing that all of these unfinished tasks, both professional and personal, were weighing on me. Alexis mentioned some easy-to-employ systems that she thought would help, and I was hooked - I signed up for her course after just a week of trying a few tips. Now I don't have panic attacks when I open my email inboxes, always feel like I have a handle on my numerous work and home projects, and found some working styles that really help me optimize my time and do better work in less time. I cannot thank you enough, Alexis. I'm so glad I made the decision to enroll in your program!

 - Michelle S., Medical Affairs Liaison

Take control of your time!

Don't let the days (or the weeks, or the months!) happen to you!

Spend your time on what matters to you!

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Program Logistics


TBD for the next cohort!


The comfort of your own home!  We'll be meeting on Zoom and all the program materials are available online.

What's included?

  • 8 content modules
  • 9 live coaching sessions
  • Dozens of best practice docs, templates, reference guides and exercises to help you implement lasting habit change
  • Between-session access to your coach, Alexis Haselberger
  • A supportive community of like-minded people going through the same thing
  • The opportunity to improve your life for the better, by increasing productivity and decreasing stress
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I've read all the books and downloaded all the apps and I'm still struggling.  Why will this be any different? 

I hear ya!  You've read "Getting Things Done" (and "Atomic Habits" and "Deep Work").  You've downloaded, and abandoned, Trello (and Todoist and Asana). You're still stressed.  You're still overwhelmed.  That graveyard of abandoned task apps didn't change a thing!

Here's why this is different:

Common sense it's necessarily common practice.  It's different to know something than to do it.

There are 4 primary reasons this program is different from trying to go it alone:

  1. Individualization!  Those books you read and apps you downloaded?  They were written for the people who wrote them.  But your brain is different.  In this program, you'll learn about yourself, so that you can build strategies that work for who you are already instead of trying to fit yourself in a pre-existing box.
  2. Community!  Doing things alone is hard!  In this program, you'll have a community of others with similar struggles, working on similar goals.  You'll be able to bounce ideas off others and share what's working, and what's not.  And you'll celebrate your wins...together.
  3. Accountability! When you try to make changes in a vacuum, without anyone holding you accountable, it can be slow going.  I'll be checking in on you and providing support the whole way through.  So you won't have the opportunity to falls through the cracks or let lasting change slip away.
  4. Habit Building Focus! In this program, we focus on how to build sustainable habits. Books are about insight and knowledge, which is important, for sure.  But the rubber meets the road when we experiment, iterate and practice.   
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do more, stress less!

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You want ALL the details?  You got 'em!

Here's what we'll be doing in every session of the program.

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8 weeks later, I find myself both considerably less stressed and more productive, and armed with a toolkit of strategies, tips & tricks to make the best use of my day. This was an incredible course I couldn't recommend it more highly.

— Yanda E., Managing Director

My course with Alexis was easily the best personal productivity improvement investment I made last year.

 - Zia S., AI Engineering Leader

Working with Alexis has had a huge positive impact on my life. I used to lose sleep thinking about my never-ending to-do list and all the things that were slipping through the cracks. Alexis helped me reorganize and reorient everything into a single task management system that has been a complete game-changer for my focus and productivity. Now I wake up knowing exactly what I need to do that day, and I’ve been able to carve out time for myself and make actual progress towards my long-term goals. I've already recommended her to several people and will continue to sing her praises!

— Arielle Z., Partner (investment firm)

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"I can't wait to help you take control of your time!"